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Look cool in front of your friends

Look cool in front of your friends

Champion mastery boost is a new service that we introduced when the system went live on the League of Legends servers. The champion mastery system basically evaluates your game with the specific champion you play each game. The player receives grades on a scale from D to S depending on his in-game performance. The system is smart so it can make difference between the roles in the game. For example, by playing support role, your performance will be evaluated by another standards than if you played AD Carry. At the end of each game, your grade is based on your overall performance. Reaching Tier 7 with every champion is a goal for many players. There is no cooler thing than playing each game with different champions but your friends and teammates can always see your tier 7 loading screen badge on each one of them. To make this dream easy and fast to reach, we have introduced the champion mastery boost. Buying champion mastery boost frequently for each of your champion will see your champion pool promoted to tier 7 quite soon. Combining champion mastery boost with influence point boost from the RIOT shop will make you see extreme growth in IP points which you will be able to spend freely after the boosting period of champion mastery!
How does it work?

How does it work?

Champion mastery boost works similar to the other boost services. The first step is to put in your purchase details. At the moment there is no possible way to buy champion mastery boost for different champions at the same time, though this should not be a disadvantage since there is only one ELO booster can work on your account at the same time. All you have to do is pick the desired champion you want to reach tier 7 with and our task is to do the rest. By paying the amount you start the boosting process. An ELO booster will log in to your account and start the champion mastery boost with your chosen champion. Since we talk about professional players who work for BoostRoyal, you can expect a super-fast boosting time period. As the booster will play normal games mainly in parties to receive party bonuses, he will get S or +S rating after each game for his gameplay with the champion. This will make you see your champion with the tier 7 badge in no time, since by getting the maximum results out of the grade system guarantee extreme fast results. Another pleasant effect of the boost is the bonus Influence points that it creates while the boosting process lasts. Buying champion mastery for many different champions will make you see an influence point boom on your account. Needless to say that there will be fun and easy to buy some champions from the bonus influence points that champion mastery boost generates.