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Lol Elo boosting discount
LoL Elo Boost

LoL Elo Boost

LoL Elo Boost

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Our Features
LoL elo boosting features

Private VPN

We provide VPN protection as a standard for every user of BoostRoyal to ensure account safety against RIOT. Every lol elo booster at BoostRoyal has a private VPN protection while working on your LoL account.

Time Guarantee

There is a maximum given time (indicated in the member’s area) for your account being lol elo boosted. If the booster fails to finish in time, you get 30% of the price back but the work will be finished anyway.

Appear Offline

While your account is being boosted, we make sure it stays private. When the booster logs into your League of Legends account, he makes sure to appear offline in chat if you ask him to do so.

Easy Spectate

In the member's area, there are different ways to follow the progress of your purchase. The easiest and the most fun is to click on the spectate button in the member's area and watch your booster in action.

Our priorities

Our priorities

Our priorities

Boostroyal: the safest lol boost experience

We think about top-class security as a standard in an online service such as lol boosting and we also consider security as the most important obligation towards our customers. In order to achieve this level of safety, numerous measures were made in pursuance of making our site the safest possible. All information provided by our clients is treated confidentially, such as account names and passwords. Neither the lol elo booster employee will have access to the customer provided information since the site's system was worked out in such a way to make this possible. To secure all information flow on the site, an SSL security contract was created, and its banner was placed on the site, such as the lock illustrating the SSL protection in the browser, placed next to the sites link. This certificate means that all transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. These measures make BoostRoyal the safest lol elo boost site.

Professional lol elo boosting team

We placed a great emphasis on assembling the BoostRoyal team. It consists of long-known and trusted lol boosters with previous ELO boost experience. These top tier League of Legends players will consider your purchase as a professional job, and they will try to complete your order in the fastest possible way. Since quality is one of our main values, we made great efforts in order to compose the best and most professional lol elo boosting group. To achieve this, we signed simply from the best workforce attainable. Our dedicated team members will give their 100% skills and knowledge in order to win all ranked games while lol boosting your account. We try to achieve the highest win rate possible, which benefits both the customer and the booster.

Follow your order!

While your account is being lol elo boosted you can choose from different options, so you can track the progress that is being made on your account. After purchasing any type of boosting you will have access to the member's area. By logging in to the members area you will see different types of information such as detailed match history and league points gained. If you are also interested in spectating the games which are being played while your account is being lol elo boosted, you can just simply create another League of Legends account and add your main account as a friend. The lol elo boosting employee who is working on your account will accept the request and you will be able to spectate his games. To contact your lol booster, you can use the live chat in the member's area or simply chat with him in the game client.

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Boosting season reloaded

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