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€92.00 ($107.36)
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How can we guarantee that the booster will do his best?
The professional booster will do his best to guarantee you the most possible wins out of the number of games you decide to purchase. The booster will be playing on an account he is currently solo boosting, therefore he will be motivated to perform at his best.
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Select the details of your purchase.
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How DuoQ Boosting works?

How DuoQ Boosting works?

Duo queue ELO boost is similar to division boosting or ranked wins boosting. However, it has one major difference. If you buy a division boost, you will be inactive for the boost period. With duo queue boost, you and your ELO booster will play together ranked duo games. By choosing this type of service, there is an additional question you have to decide: whether you buy ranked games or ranked wins from your duo ELO booster. The difference is that by buying duo ranked games, you will participate in the number of games you purchased while buying ranked wins from your ELO booster will make you sure that the two of you come out victoriously from each game. Both services are offered by BoostRoyal’s top ELO boosters who have a great experience with coaching and ELO boost. Simple ELO boost skills are not enough for this type of service since duo queue boost is a mix of ELO boost skills and coaching. Good coaching skills are good communication and most importantly the ability to teach and to be patient with the customer. At BoostRoyal, our goal is to give you the most outstanding service whether it is a simple ELO boost or duo queue ELO boost. In order to live up to the standards that we follow, we make sure that by purchasing a duo queue ELO boost we will provide you one of our most experienced and complete ELO booster for the task!
Duo queue ELO boost vs simple ELO boost

Duo queue ELO boost vs simple ELO boost

Duo queue ELO boost service was mainly created for the people who just cannot see themselves being inactive in League of Legends while getting ELO boosted. Depending on the type of ELO boost, this can last from few hours to two weeks. Many who are thinking of buying an ELO boost this big usually cannot give up playing League of Legends for the time period while they are getting ELO boosted. We created duo queue ELO boosts for these customers who are looking forward to stay active in the ranked queue and study about the game from a professional while having fun playing it with him. The other main difference the duo queue ELO boost has is, that the boosting process not only will improve the ELO of the client, but it will also improve its game as he learns from the booster while playing together. At the end of the boosting process, the customer will become a much better player and he will be ready to continue playing the game in a higher division as the booster will prepare him throughout the boosting process. As for the very anxious players, with duo queue ELO boost, you do not have to give your account password to purchase, only the user name so our ELO booster will be able to contact you and start playing ranked duo games with you as you reach higher and higher in the divisions. Do not hesitate! If you are a player looking to improve his ELO while playing ranked game, choose it now!